The Speech

I had to write and perform a Best Man speech. This is a huge honour and I really wanted to nail it and give my best mate the send off he deserved. Trouble was, I have suffered with anxiety for many years, and the thought of standing in front of all those people and being the centre of attention filled me with dread!

I have never sought any professional help for my condition, in fact I didn’t even know it was anxiety that I had, or I didn’t want to believe it. Anyway, my anxiety levels were escalated to the point that I contacted Louise for some help.

Louise is an extremely easy person to talk to and puts you at ease immediately. She has a wealth of experience from her previous roles that help her identify with all aspects of anxiety, depression and phobias etc. I assumed I was going to be “put under” the same as the people I’d seen hypnotized on TV, but this was completely different to what I had imagined. Louise uses a technique that allows you to help yourself improve your condition. Through a mixture of audio relaxation recordings and really helpful positive thinking exercises, she helps you develop a “toolkit” that helps you deal with the condition.

I never thought I’d ever seek professional help for my condition but I’m so glad I did. And in Louise, I found a really empathetic, understanding and knowledgeable therapist that was genuinely easy to talk to. I can’t praise her enough.

I nailed the speech by the way!


Fear of flying

Despite years of flying, my teenage son was petrified of getting on a plane. This was becoming a huge problem as we had planned a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Barbados, an 8- hour flight. We tried everything to reassure him. Even a pilot friend, who regularly flies the route, sent him reports from the flight deck to try and show him speed, times and direction, but to no avail. He contacted his grandparents and asked to stay with them instead. As parents, you always try and get your children to leave their comfort zone in order to gain life experiences. We felt like we had really ‘hit a wall’.

Louise took him on and over 4 weeks worked her magic on him. I felt completely trusting and at ease with him in her care. We went to the airport really unsure if he would go… but he did and had an amazing holiday. Thank you for dealing with a difficult teenager – he has every faith in you and trusts you implicitly. So much so, that he contacted you directly for “anger issues” and that journey is still progressing.


I was diagnosed with anxiety, completely out of the blue, following admission to hospital with suspected coronary problems.

Following diagnosis and referral from my GP, I initially attended weekly NHS group sessions for anxiety and stress. However, I found these related more to general anxiety and depression, leaving me unable to relate to much of the discussion. I had been diagnosed as suffering from anxiety as a result of “burn out” caused by the general build-up over years of having just too much to juggle with work pressures/home-life/family commitments, etc. 

I began weekly sessions with Louise after taking advice from my employer’s occupational health adviser and my GP, who supported Hypnotherapy as an intervention. Louise identified that the poor sleeping patterns I had (experienced over a long period of time) were a direct result of the stress I was under and were compounding the anxiety I was suffering.

Over a number of weeks Louise worked with me through a programme to address my sleep deprivation and I focused on gaining a work life balance. With Louise’s support I got to the point where I was able to devise and follow a phased return to work.

After 5 months off work Louise has given me the support, guidance and “tools” to enable me to get back on track, which as a working mum of 3 is essential! This has been a completely new experience for me but I found Louise to be incredibly positive and personable and I am extremely thankful that I found her.

Hormone Imbalance

I approached Louise as I needed some help with managing my emotions as I was finding it difficult to cope with my fluctuating moods, particularly around the time of my menstrual cycle. I was also having difficulty focussing and was getting frustrated as I felt I could never achieve anything.

Louise did an initial consultation to find out the areas I wanted to change and then I saw her for a few consecutive weeks. I was also sent home with a Relaxation CD to listen to in the evening. Louise gave me reassurance throughout the whole process and had a very calm and empathetic manner whilst remaining professional at all times.

I followed Louise’s instructions , listening to Relaxation CD every evening and went back for another consultation the following week. I soon noticed a change in my moods and felt more level- headed. I also noticed I was more able to focus upon on tasks and felt more confident about myself.

I ended my sessions after just a few weeks as Louise and I came to a joint conclusion that I no longer needed to see her. Several months on, and I still feel much better. I’ve referred back to the Relaxation CD on the very odd occasion but, generally, I don’t really need it.

I can highly recommend Louise’s service and should I need further help I wouldn’t hesitate to book her services again.